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Manual pup-up Sunroof (800mm х 426mm)

Manual pup-up Sunroof (800mm х 426mm)

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Height in the open state, 130mm
External dimensions on the frame, 800mm x 426mm
Internal dimensions, 720mm x 350mm
The size of the hole cut on the roof, 765mm x 393mm
The size of the window mm. 750mm x 377mm
A mechanical sunroof with a smoothly adjustable lifting height.  The decorative frame is grey.
If necessary, the glass can be easily removed.
The glass of the sunroof has a certificate of compliance with European safety requirements.

Add this unique manual pop-up sunroof to your car to boost your luxury and comfort. The sunroof features a black color and is made of durable glass and plastic materials that guarantee longevity and quality. Its installation is easy and perfect for those who love DIY. The sunroof comes in a single piece with dimensions of 800mm by 426mm, making it the perfect size to fit on your car's roof. It is an excellent addition to your vehicle, and you can have a good time admiring the sky outside as you drive along. Acquire this manual sunroof and enjoy the feeling of fresh air and sunshine as you cruise in your car.

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